Saturday, September 13, 2008

Christmas Movies: Die Hard

Die HardImage via WikipediaIf you like a little (or a whole lot of) action in your Christmas movies, you'll love 1988's Die Hard.

Bruce Willis, who stars as Die Hard's main character John McClane, says he "got invited to the Christmas party by mistake." And boy, are we glad he did. McClane is witty, macho and caring all at once; who wouldn't love a guy like that? And how else could we have so much fun watching 12 terrorists try to wreak havoc in a Los Angeles high-rise on Christmas Eve?

Willis kicks butt for over two hours in this suspenseful, action-packed movie that personifies Christmas for a certain generation of people who grew up watching it as part of their holiday routine. It's great fun, but I have to give the standard disclamer: don't start kids too young watching this movie. It's intense and there's plenty of language tender ears don't need to hear. But if you're older, by all means, enjoy this blood-pressure-raising ode to Christmas.

Here's the trailer for Die Hard:

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Eric said...

Never thought of Die Hard as a Christmas movie, but you make a good point. It's the greatest Christmas movie of them all.