Thursday, May 29, 2008

Christmas Movies: A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas was the first Peanuts television special.Image via WikipediaA perennial Christmas favorite

Although not a movie per se, the A Charlie Brown Christmas special qualifies to be on this blog just on the basis of its popularity. Anyone who grew up from the 1960s on has probably seen this -- many times. If you have, you know it's almost impossible to get that song out of your head. You know the one I mean!

In addition to a catchy song, A Charlie Brown Christmas also delivers a sweet message of love and brotherhood that's so appropriate at Christmas-time (and any time, for that matter). That's the reason it won Emmy and Peabody awards and is one television show that parents don't mind their kids seeing year after year.

Here are two video excerpts from the classic special:

Linus explains the meaning of Christmas.

Here's that song you won' be able to get out of your head. (You can thank me later.)

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