Friday, May 16, 2008

For the Love of Christmas Movies

It's a Wonderful LifeImage via WikipediaI love Christmas. And since I also love movies, it follows that I love Christmas movies! Most of them are unrealistic and corny but the same could be said about how some people celebrate Christmas. It's probably best not to pull on that thread, though, lest our world unravel.

If you love the holiday as I do, you forgive the sillier parts of it in favor of the warmth and sense of camaraderie that is ushered in on Thanksgiving weekend. Never mind that the joy and let's-all-love-each-otherness then goes down for a nearly year-long nap on New Year's morning. At least we have that love for a while. Even better that it recurs every year on a planet-wide basis.

But if you're a fan of Christmas movies, you don't have to wait until the days get shorter to enjoy the holiday. No one says you can't close the blinds to keep out summer's heat, get a tall glass of iced tea and watch It's a Wonderful Life in July. If, like me, that's your brand of fun; stay tuned to this blog for reviews of some great and not so great Christmas movies.

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